Friday 5 August 2016. 6 pm Presbyterian Community Centre, Tenby St. $5 admission.

Professors James Renwick and Tim Naish, Victoria University, Wellington.

Their talk will be based on the two recent climate change reports issued by RSNZ but it will be pitched at a very general audience and will be suitable for all members of the public including senior school students. They will frame their talk around 10 powerpoint slides allowing plenty of time for questions and where appropriate, will be making some aspects of the talk relevant to your region. They briefly describe themselves: Tim Naish is a Professor in Earth Sciences and Director of the Antarctic Research Centre, where he and his team are improving our understanding of how the giant Antarctic ice block responds to climate change and affects global sea-levels: James Renwick is a Professor of Physical Geography and indulges his fascination for all aspects of the climate system, from the tropics to the poles, and from thousands of years in the past to hundreds of years into the future.