ADInstruments, Making Science Easier.

Saturday 12 May 2018, 6.00pm, Presbyterian Church Hall, 91 Tenby St, Wanaka.
Professor Michael Macknight, Co- founder and Director of ADInstruments, Dunedin.

The best universities in the world are using medical technology designed by a Dunedin student nearly 30 years ago.

Founded by Michael Macknight in 1988, ADInstruments sells hardware and software products to medical and health researchers, scientists and educators.

In 2007 International Space Station astronauts also started using its flagship product – the PowerLab data acquisition (DAQ) device.

Researchers used it to measure astronauts’ brain, aortic blood flows, arm vein pressure, arterial blood pressure, breathing rate and the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled.

By connecting patients or subjects to the module using electronic sensors, researchers are able to get readings at recording speeds of up to 400,000 samples per second.

Typical applications include research and teaching across human and animal physiology, pharmacology, neurophysiology, biology, zoology, biochemistry and biomedical engineering.

Michael, who is still company director, says its equipment can be found in leading universities and labs around the world including the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge.

The company employs staff in many international locations including more than 60 in Dunedin.

Michael’s talk will follow immediately after our AGM which is usually brief.