Friday 23 July at 6.00pm, at the Presbyterian Community Centre, 91 Tenby Street, Wanaka.
Professor Mark Stirling, Inaugural Chair of Earthquake Science, University of Otago.

Cost – $5

Mark is a seismologist with a multidisciplinary background in geology and seismology. He is the inaugural Chair of Earthquake Science at the University of Otago, a position based in the Department of Geology. Prior to that was a Principal Scientist at GNS Science (1998-2015), leading the development of the last three versions of the national seismic hazard model for New Zealand during that time. His current research is largely focused on the earthquake geology, simulated earthquakes, and hazard of low seismicity regions like Otago. He lives in Dunedin with his family of Jane, Lewis and Toby, and enjoys DIY, motorcycling, golf, and playing the drums in his spare time.