NASA Balloon Project

Friday 18th March 6 pm Presbyterian Community Centre, Tenby St Wanaka. Admission $5.

Debora Fairbrother, Chief of the NASA Balloon Program Office (BPO) and Project Manager, NASA Balloon Project, Wanaka.

Title: NASA’s Scientific Balloon Programme

Debora will present an overview of NASA’s Scientific Balloon Program covering topics such as the capabilities of the program, the type of science NASA conducts on these balloons, as well as the unique aspects of the Super Pressure Balloon, which is the type of balloon we launch from Wanaka. These balloons are enormous launch vehicles—fully inflated, they are the size of a football stadium! They are capable of carrying scientific instruments weighing more than 3,500 KG to altitudes greater than 33.5 KM—at that altitude, we are operating above 99.5 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere in the near space environment.

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