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Royal Society New Zealand Lectures

The Royal Society have a selection of lectures, interviews and short videos available on their YouTube channel. Spot the lectures by their video lengths.

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Foulden Marr

Foulden Maar was created 23-million-years-ago when a volcano erupted to form a shallow crater that filled with water. Over time, the bottom of the lake was built up with layers of microscopic algae to create a diatomite deposit. This also contains a wealth of fossils and historic climate data, spanning hundreds of thousands of years.   Foulden Maar is subject

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Royal Society Companion RS presentation to John Darby.

John Darby CRSNZ

Election to the status of Companion of the Royal Society of New Zealand (CRSNZ) is an honour that has been bestowed on a small number of New Zealanders who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion and advancement in New Zealand of science, technology or the humanities.  This distinction was first recognized in the Act of Parliament under which the

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The Great Crested Grebe Story

The Southern Crested Grebe. Podiceps cristatus australis (Kaimana) A rare, threatened and protected species in New Zealand the Southern crested grebe is now confined to the South Island with an estimated population of Breeding is normally from September-February, though in Lake Wanaka birds have been recorded breeding in winter (eggs laid June 6th,18th and 21st). Clutch size is 3-5 eggs

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